Dec 232017

Years ago in a European country, a christening took place for a baby who had been born to royalty.

As the guests arrived, a servant met them at the door and took their wraps. Eventually someone asked, “Where’s the baby?” The nurse was sent to fetch him, but she couldn’t find him.

Finally, a guest recalled having seen the baby in the bed where the coats had been placed.

The parents were horrified to find there the lifeless form of their son who had been smothered under the pile of coats.

The real purpose of the gathering had been forgotten and the one to be honored was killed.

That’s what people do during Christmas.  They are so engrossed with their celebration that they do not know what or who they are celebrating Christmas for.  Christ is obscured and man is elevated.

Christmas may be over but don’t “kill” Him.

Jesus is our celebration. He is our Honored One. He is our King forever.