Found faithful?

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Dec 012017

In the country where Jesus lived, the Palm tree was everywhere.
The branches of the Palm were a symbol of victory and joy.

During the time of Jesus, people used to wave Palm branches as they cheered in celebration when an important person such as a king rode through the streets of town.

On the Sunday before he was crucified-
Jesus rode through the streets of Jerusalem on the back of a small donkey.
As he rode along, people waved Palm branches and shouted and cheered.

They shouted “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
The people cheered Jesus as their King (Matthew 21:9).

Just a few days later-
Jesus was arrested, tried, and led to a hill called Calvary to be crucified.
The cheers that he had heard on Sunday now turned to jeers (Matthew 27:21-23).

Many of the people who just a few days before shouted:
“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” had now turned against him.

They were now shouting “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! He is not our king. We have no king but Caesar.”
They were even offered the choice of whether to free a criminal named Barabbas or to free Jesus.
They chose to free Barabbas and crucify Jesus.

Many of His once-faithful followers had forsaken him.
You and I have to make a choice.

We can choose to follow Jesus and make him the King and Lord of our life,
– or we can choose to forsake him like the people who cried, “Crucify Him! He is not our king!”

Will we be found faithful?