Consider five key reasons!

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Dec 082017

If you’ve trusted in Jesus Christ-
– but still doubt your salvation-
– then your whole life can be thrown off balance.

Key areas of faith begin to crumble.
And you limit the Holy Spirit’s work in your life.

It’s impossible to live an effective, empowered life-
– if you’re always facing doubts about your salvation.

Why do believers doubt?
Consider five key reasons:

Sin hurts our prayers and spiritual understanding.
So it’s understandable how sin can confuse our understanding of salvation.

False teachings!
If you’ve been taught that salvation is dependent upon good works, then you’ve been misled.
Read the Bible!
Don’t be just satisfied with pulpit messages, books and CDs.

Overemphasis on emotions!
Exaggerated exciting testimonies!
Too often, the salvation experience is tied to an “emotional high.”
This leads many people to doubt their salvation during times of life’s natural “emotional lows.”

Acts 16:31 clearly states, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”
If you’ve made this saving confession, then you’re saved.
When you doubt the truth of this statement, you fail to take God at His word.

Demonic attacks.
The Enemy’s goal is to alienate us from God.
One of his most effective tactics is to cause us to question our standing with the Lord.

If you doubt your salvation…
– prayerfully examine your heart.

Are any of these five deceptions corroding your faith?
If so-
– allow the Lord to comfort you with His love and the truth of your salvation.