It cannot reach us without rails!

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Jan 252018

“When we cried out to the Lord, He heard our voice” (Numbers 20:16).

A group of businessmen were flying in an aircraft.

There was a sudden decompression.

As the plane plummeted to the ground-

– one of the men asked his friend across the aisle to pray for them.

“The last time I prayed was twenty years ago!” his friend replied.

But his business companions insisted.

“All right” he said and prayed:

“O Lord, I haven’t bothered You for the last twenty years; and if You get us out of this fix, I promise You, I won’t bother You for the next twenty years!”

God does not consider our prayers bothersome.

On the contrary-

He desires that our very first thought at the onset of a trial would be to come to Him for help in getting through it.

So often, we hear people say, “The only thing left to do now is pray,” when in reality-

God was there all along, waiting for someone to cry out to Him and call down His power.

When you begin to wonder why the storm isn’t letting up, ask yourself-

“Have I requested God’s help yet?”

If the answer is “No,” call to Him and watch-

– as He calms the wind and waves in your life.

Our prayers lay the track down on which God’s power can come.

Like a mighty locomotive-

His power is irresistible!


– it cannot reach us without rails!