Mar 072017

“Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul.” 1 Peter 2:11.

I once read a strange story in the news about a plumber who was called in to unclog a drain.

He had one of those snake-like devices that runs down into a drain and keeps running until the drain is cleaned out.

But this time, the “snake” did a strange thing.
It went outside of the house through an open vent and into the house next door.

Then it went down through a vent, came out, and grabbed a ten-year-old girl who was playing in her backyard.

Fortunately, her little brother started crying, and they stopped.
The fire department had to use cable cutters to set the girl free.

After reading that story-
I thought about how sin can be that way.

You never know where it’s going to go.

When we commit a sinful act-
– we don’t realize the repercussions that can take place and the other lives that can be impacted by it.

Billy Graham once said, “Immorality is an epidemic in our churches just as it is in the secular world at large…No wonder the world is in crisis.”

God has a lot to say about immorality-
– and specifically adultery, in Scripture.

It made His Top Ten list-
– the Ten Commandments.

It was, in some cases, punishable by death.
And we see it addressed in the New Testament as well.

God has told us not to commit adultery for good reason.

When you cross that line of protection that God has placed around your and your spouse’s life, you do so at your own peril.

And the repercussions of that sin can last-
– for months, years, and yes, even a lifetime.


Nov 032016

worship 1If you have ever watched soldiers doing close-order drill on a parade field-
– you know how quickly they can reverse themselves and head in the opposite direction.

If they attempt this while standing still-
– the command is “about face.”

If they want to reverse while marching-
– the command is “to the rear, march.”

In either case, there is an abrupt change leading in an entirely different direction.

This is a good picture of what genuine repentance looks like.
It means to change one’s mind and start moving the opposite way.

One of the Bible’s greatest preachers of repentance was John the Baptist-
– who called his hearers to a complete “about face.”

He had seen too many shallow gestures where people pretended to repent-
– but were not willing to change their behaviour.

John insisted that those who exhibited only superficial contrition should instead “bear fruits in keeping with repentance.” Luke 3:8.

When his listeners asked what he meant by that-
– they were told to share their food and clothing,
– to be fair in their business practices,
– and to be content with their wages.

In other words-
– they were to change their ways and
– leave their old patterns of behaviour behind.

Repentance includes something else also: A willingness to make restitution to anyone whom we have wronged.

When Zaccheus the tax collector received Jesus into his house-
– he showed the true nature of his repentance when he said,
“If I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much.” Luke 19:8.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any amends you may need to make.

Sep 012016
puritan 2“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.” Psalm 33:12.

When a nation loses its ability to discern morality-
– it embarks on a slippery slope toward self-destruction.

Especially when it comes to basic sexual morality.

When a nation turns its back on the commands of God-
He will say, “That’s the last step. I wash My hands. You asked for it. You got it.”

Our country is in a crisis-
– and unless we have a moral rebirth,
– we will join the graveyard of the nations.

It’s time to wake up.
Time is passing.

It’s time to look up.
Jesus is coming.

It’s time to sober up.
Satan is working.

It’s time to pray up.
Mountains need moving.

Ask the Lord to heal our land-
– forgiving the iniquities of the wicked by bringing salvation to their souls.

“Jesus answered and said…if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.” Matthew 21:21.

Jul 012016

worship 570x300

“I am going to send you to the Gentiles, to open their eyes so they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and be given a place among God’s people, who are set apart by faith in me” (Acts 26:17-18). 

When the apostle Paul stood before King Agrippa and explained what God had called him to do in proclaiming the Gospel, he broke it down into one of the most clear presentations I have found anywhere in the Bible. 

Paul said that God had called him to proclaim this message-

– which was to open the eyes of his listeners that-

– they might turn from darkness to light,

– from the power of Satan to God,

– and that they might receive the forgiveness of sin,

– and an inheritance among those who are sanctified.  

Here, we see five steps:

One, your eyes are opened.

Two, you turn from darkness to light.

Three, you turn from the power of Satan to God,

Four, you receive the forgiveness of sin and,

Five, possess an inheritance among those who are sanctified.

Many people have taken step one-

– but they have never made it to step two onwards.  

They have had their eyes opened and have seen there is a God and there is a devil.

They have also seen there is a choice to be made.

They have seen that Jesus Christ is the answer to their problems and that they need to trust in Him and turn from their sin.  

They intellectually agree with these things.  

But they haven’t taken step two, which is-

– turning from darkness to light and

– from the power of Satan to God.  

And until you have taken that step-

– you are not truly converted!

Jun 062016

revival 1

 “Repent now everyone of his evil way and his evil doings, and dwell in the land that the Lord has given to you and your fathers forever and ever” (Jeremiah 25:5). 

Recently, I’ve been studying the Jewish roots of many of Jesus’ parables.  

And I came across an interesting saying from a Jewish Rabbi that I believe has something to teach us. 

Rabbi Eliezer said, “Repent one day before your death.”  

His disciples asked him, “Does then one know what day he will die?” 

“Then all the more reason to repent today”, he replied, “lest he die tomorrow, and thus his whole life is spent in repentance.” 

When I first became a believer-

I thought by simply dealing with my outward sins that I could live a state of sinlessness.  

But it wasn’t long before the Lord began revealing and dealing with my inward sins and attitudes.  

Now, and the longer I walk with Him-

I understand more and more the meaning of daily repentance! 

If we truly want to be free and walk in His liberty-

– we cannot avoid this crucial requirement for freedom.  

Because we cannot receive His forgiveness without it-

– repentance must be a way of life for us (1 John 1:9). 

Staying close to the Lord is His heart’s desire for us.

But one of the main conditions for it is walking in regular repentance.  

When we walk in humility and truthfulness about our sin-

– we are walking in the light,

– and the blood of Jesus keeps cleansing us from sin.  

In that condition we are so much more able to love the Lord and those around us — with Him, touching one life at a time. 

So, let’s lay down our pride and turn to Him every day-

– with genuine repentance!