Hope does not disappoint!

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Dec 062017

“Now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (Romans 5:5).

Our God is a God of surprises!

He tailor-makes every miracle.
He individually designs every life.

Every day is different.
And His every deliverance is unique.

He is never capricious, changeable, erratic or unstable.
He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Amid the complexity of His manifold ways-
-always there is the solid foundation of His love.

We can always count on that!

The Bible longs for us to understand-
– “what is the width and length and depth and height–to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge” (Ephesians 3:18-19).

According to the apostle John-
– the more we understand the shoreless ocean of God’s love,
– the less we’ll fear the choppy waters of life,
– for “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).

If you feel your life is unpredictable and unstable right now-
– focus on His unchanging love!

Thank Him for “the love of God flooding through our hearts by the Holy Spirit given to us” (Romans 5:5).

Resting in the predictable and perfect security of God’s love-
– will bring revival to our souls!


Don’t be filled with doubts!

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Dec 052017

Why doesn’t God speak directly to us today?
In Biblical times, did God speak to people in a voice they could hear?

If so-
– why doesn’t He do it today?
“I’d have a much stronger faith if I only heard His voice speaking to me once in a while”, someone says.

On occasion God did speak audibly to some of His servants in the Bible.
But only rarely.

More often-
God gave them an inner conviction of His truth,
– or made His will clear to them through circumstances.

Most often-
He made His will clear through the written messages He had given in the past.

In other words-
– through the Bible!

Why doesn’t God speak to us today in a voice we can hear?

One reason is-
– because we wouldn’t have any way of knowing whether or not it was God who was speaking to us,
– or if it was a fraud (or even a demon).

This, incidentally, is one reason why we shouldn’t listen to someone-
– who claims to be a messenger from God,
– but rejects the Bible or contradicts its message.

Jesus warned:
“Watch out that no one deceives you.
For many will come…and will deceive many” (Matthew 24:4-5).

But the other reason God doesn’t speak to us in a voice we can hear is-
– because He doesn’t need to!

God has already told us everything we need to know.
And we find it in the pages of the Bible.

Most of all-
– we know He loves us because He came to earth in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us.

Don’t be filled with doubts any longer.

– turn to Jesus Christ and give your life to Him.
Then come to know Him more and more by reading His Word and joining in fellowship with other believers.


Oct 162017

Bible1 600“His delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:2). 

How do you feel about Bible study?  

Is it a delight?

Or a drudgery? 

Unfortunately, many of us look at our time in God’s Word as mere drudgery.

Perhaps it’s the way we read the Bible.  

Many of us read God’s Word in a hunt-and-peck method.

We read a little here and a little there with no genuine concern for context or what a book of the Bible is teaching.  

We read the Bible sporadically-

– then we can’t understand why we are not able to benefit from what the Scriptures teach. 

Psalm 1 tells us that the wise person of God meditates in the Scriptures day and night.  

What does it mean to meditate?  

By meditation the Bible is not speaking of a so-called transcendental meditation-

– where a person disengages their mind to the point of receiving impressions from elsewhere.  

The meditation that the Bible advocates deliberately engages the conscious mind with the truths of God’s Word. 

Meditation involves studying the Bible with our minds and truly thinking about what we are reading. 

You should ask yourself a series of questions when you study the Bible.

Next time you attempt to meditate on God’s Word, ask yourself these four questions:

Is there any sin here for me to avoid?

Is there any promise for me to claim?

Is there any victory to gain?

Is there any blessing to enjoy?

When we read with these questions in mind-

– we demand a real sense of anticipation.  

We’re no longer just reading the Bible like it is an assignment in a classroom.  

Instead, we recognize that this is the Word of God.

And we are to value God’s words more than gold.  

There are great rewards for the person who meditates on the Scriptures day and night. 



It is an investment!

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Oct 062017

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

We need sleep!

The Bible makes it clear that God expects us to take care of our bodies.

And sleep is part of that care.

But the psalmist sacrifices his sleep for the Word of God.

“I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in Your word. My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word” (Psalm 119:147, 148).

Jesus also was up early in the morning-

– praying and meditating on the Word.

And on the Mount of Transfiguration-

Jesus, Moses and Elijah were discussing Christ’s plan to die in Jerusalem.

Peter, James and John were there, but they were asleep (Luke 9:32).

They slept through perhaps the greatest Bible conference ever held on earth!

Some of us have done the same thing!

We have slept through the blessing!!

For God to bless us through His Word-

– we have to start each day with it.

Do you set your alarm clock early enough in the morning to read the Bible?

Sacrificing sleep-

– to meditate in the Word of God is not a loss.

It’s an investment in your spiritual life.

The Bible contains blessings you can use the rest of the day.

Let it be the key that opens and locks your day.


Mar 132017

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” Colossians 2:8.

Legalism, in Christian theology, is a term referring to an over-emphasis on discipline of conduct, or legal ideas, usually implying an allegation of misguided rigor, pride, the neglect of mercy, and ignorance of the grace of God, or emphasizing the letter of law at the expense of the spirit.

Did you get all that?

One reason fundamentalist Christians are so resented is-
– quite frankly, because some fundamentalists have added words to Scripture.

Well-intentioned people feel there is a need to add to Scripture and not trust Scripture to be enough.

Throughout the years, we have seen certain legalisms permeate many denominations.

Every denomination grabs hold of certain legalisms with the best of intentions.

Of course, there are no greater legalists today than the secular legalists who espouse political correctness.

They have become the modern day Gestapo-
– when it comes to enforcing select legalisms of their choice.

Understand that man-made legalisms are an insult to God and to His Word.

It’s like saying the Bible is incomplete-
– and we have the knowledge to correct the scriptures with added insight on what is right and wrong.

In fact, we are getting into some very scary territory when we do that.

God’s Word plainly says:
“Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.” Proverbs 30:5-6.

That’s strong!
The Word of God is enough!