Security is only in Jesus!

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Feb 112018

“For the Lord will be your confidence…” (Proverbs 3:26).

Have you ever looked up and noticed construction workers high on a skyscraper?
Why do you suppose they can work so confidently suspended so high above the ground?

They are secure because they know that-
– their safety harnesses are fastened to the building itself and
– their harnesses will hold, even if the they should fall.

Your life can be lived on the edge, with confidence like that.

When we give our lives to Jesus Christ-
He becomes our safety harness and our security.

Because of Him-
– we can risk living life to the fullest and be all that we were created to be.

He keeps us secure-
– even though life is often insecure,
– even though we get disappointed, and
– even though the bottom falls out.

How about you?

Do you have security for today-
– no matter what challenges and dangers you face?

How about tomorrow?

Why not try living life with Christ-
– one day at a time,
– for a life that’s secure and yet full of excitement?

Security is only in Jesus!


Give it to God!

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Nov 182017

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).

A little boy was trying to roll a rock.
His father was watching from a distance.

The boy was heaving and sighing.
But he couldn’t turn the stone over.

His dad with a smile said, “Son, are you using all of your strength?”

The boy said, “Yes, Daddy, I’m using all my strength.”

And the father said, “No, you’re not because you haven’t asked me to help you. My strength is your strength.”

Sometimes we wrestle with problems and say, “I don’t know what to do.”

Our Father’s strength is ours.
Run into His.
He is standing nearby only.

There is no problem too big for Jesus to solve.
Do you believe that?

Your problem is His project!
Is there a problem too big for you to solve?

Give it to God!

He can and will handle it!



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Nov 022017

“I will go over and see this strange sight-why the bush does not burn up” (Exodus 3:3).

Have you ever heard someone say:

“God doesn’t work that way? He would never do that.”

Moses had never seen a bush that burned but did not burn up.

It got his attention and it drew him to God.

When Jesus appeared on the water in the middle of the night during a storm, the disciples exclaimed, “It’s a ghost!”

They had never seen a man walk on water.

This led to a great miracle-Peter walked on the water, too.

When Jesus asked Peter to catch a fish and get the coin from its mouth to pay their taxes, you can imagine what Peter must have thought about those instructions.

When Moses got to the Red Sea, he ran out of options.

God had an unexpected solution to the Israelites’ problem-He parted the Red Sea to demonstrate His power and allow the people of Israel to cross over to flee the Egyptian army.

Each of these new paradigms was a stepping-stone of an encounter with God so that the individual would experience God in a new way.

God used these times to enforce the principle that His ways are not our ways.

Whenever we try to predict that God will act in a certain way-

He changes the paradigm to keep us from becoming our own little gods.

Have you ever been guilty of judging someone for an experience they’ve had that you’ve never had?

Did you dismiss it as extreme or something not of God?

God is in the business of changing our paradigm from no personal experiences to God-experiences.

However, if you operate on a level of rigid logic, you may never have the privilege of having the God-experiences.

Keep your heart free to experience new paradigms with God.


Aug 032017

“Then they were all amazed, so they began to argue with one another, saying, “What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him.” Mark 1:27.

The uniformed guards snapped to attention.

As the senior officer barked commands, they completed their drill.

The officer didn’t beg or plead for cooperation.
He didn’t say, “Please.”

He gave orders with total confidence in his authority and the men’s obedience.

The synagogue crowd in Capernaum was familiar with authority figures.
Roman officials ruled Galilee, and Jewish scribes taught God’s laws.

However, the crowd was astonished when they saw the scope of Jesus’ authority.

As Jesus taught the Scriptures, a demon-possessed man cried out.

Christ spoke only a few words:
“Hold thy peace, and come out of him.”
The demon fled screaming.

Christ’s words carry power because He speaks with God’s full authority.
If Christ rules over demonic spirits, then no problem is outside His reach.

Where would you like to see His authority demonstrated in your life today?


Sep 152016

space2“The heavens were made by the word of the Lord, and all the stars, by the breath of His mouth.” Psalm 33:6.

Many modern astronomers probing into outer space with their gigantic telescopes favour two theories as to the origin of the universe.

One is the so-called Big Bang Theory-
– according to which “the cosmos started with a titanic explosion, and as a consequence has been expanding ever since.”

The other is the Continuous Creation Theory-
– which maintains that “the universe is self-creating and is constantly making itself out of nothing and falling back into nothingness again.”

What many scientists are not prepared to admit is that the ultimate energy behind the universe is not a Big Bang, but a Big Being-
– an intelligent Being of indescribable majesty and power who is able to do whatever He chooses.

And because what He chooses is always good-
He can be trusted to have the best interest of His creation at heart.

When Joseph Haydn, the famous Austrian composer, had finished his great oratorio The Creation, he is said to have cried:
“Not from me! Not from me! From above it has all come!”

Our text for today reminds us that by God’s Word were the heavens made and by His breath the stars were formed.

I once heard my father describe the creation in this way:
“It was no harder for God to create a world than it is for my son to blow soap bubbles into the air out of his clay pipe.”

I often go back to that lovely image.

I find that when contemplating this awesome, mighty, all-powerful God, my soul instinctively cries:
“How great Thou art.”

I hope yours does too!

“Father, as I contemplate Your majesty and Your power, my soul cries out:
“How great Thou art.”
It can do nothing else, for contemplation of You inevitably leads to adoration of You. Amen.”