Consider carefully your choices!

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Oct 072017

Rejection always causes us to ask “why?”

We can learn lessons from rejection.

Israel wanted a change in leadership.
Samuel was old, and his sons were not good candidates to succeed him.
So the elders said, “Appoint a king to lead us” (1 Samuel 8:5).

When Samuel heard the request he felt rejected.
But God assured him that he was not the one being rejected.

The people were rejecting God.
Because they wanted to be like other nations and serve other gods (vs 5, 8).

Even after being warned of the dangers of this-
– the people still said, “We want a king over us.
Then we will be like all the other nations” (v 19-20).

Was that a good reason to ask for a king?
No, but it was a common one.

God’s way is often rejected-
– not for a better way,
– but for a preferred way.

The preferred way appeals to man and, just as with Israel, is more like the way of the world.
Israel later reaped the negative effects of this decision
– a sure result of rejecting God.

Listen to His Word and follow His way.
Because that is the only path to blessing.

Consider carefully your choices!
And ask if they lead you closer to or further away from God.

Determine that your heart will be set to follow Him.