Sep 222017

“After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded” (John 13:5).

Your boss has assigned you a task! “Come up with a creative solution to a problem that has been costing the company money”. You tackle work at night and on weekends doing the needed research. Your boss is enthusiastic about your proposal. Later, in a company-wide meeting, the president gives your boss credit for the solution. He praised him and promoted him.

You are upset and annoyed! Your boss has wounded your ego. He enjoys favour and benefits at your expenses.

You find it increasingly difficult to continue serving under your boss happily.

Serving people who have wounded us is a challenge! Jesus overcame that challenge!

– on the night He was betrayed, arrested, accused, and sentenced to die. He had gathered with His disciples to celebrate the Passover when He took a towel and a basin of water and began to wash their feet.

In that group of 12 was Judas- -a thief and generally disagreeable sort, whom Jesus knew was about to betray him (John 13:1-6).

Judas left the meeting early to arrange the betrayal of Jesus! But not before Jesus washed his feet, along with those of the faithful eleven who remained.

The next time God asks you to serve someone you would rather not –

Remember how Jesus washed the feet of an unlovely man on the road to Calvary.

It is a contradiction to be a honest Christian but not humble!


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