Sep 152016

space2“The heavens were made by the word of the Lord, and all the stars, by the breath of His mouth.” Psalm 33:6.

Many modern astronomers probing into outer space with their gigantic telescopes favour two theories as to the origin of the universe.

One is the so-called Big Bang Theory-
– according to which “the cosmos started with a titanic explosion, and as a consequence has been expanding ever since.”

The other is the Continuous Creation Theory-
– which maintains that “the universe is self-creating and is constantly making itself out of nothing and falling back into nothingness again.”

What many scientists are not prepared to admit is that the ultimate energy behind the universe is not a Big Bang, but a Big Being-
– an intelligent Being of indescribable majesty and power who is able to do whatever He chooses.

And because what He chooses is always good-
He can be trusted to have the best interest of His creation at heart.

When Joseph Haydn, the famous Austrian composer, had finished his great oratorio The Creation, he is said to have cried:
“Not from me! Not from me! From above it has all come!”

Our text for today reminds us that by God’s Word were the heavens made and by His breath the stars were formed.

I once heard my father describe the creation in this way:
“It was no harder for God to create a world than it is for my son to blow soap bubbles into the air out of his clay pipe.”

I often go back to that lovely image.

I find that when contemplating this awesome, mighty, all-powerful God, my soul instinctively cries:
“How great Thou art.”

I hope yours does too!

“Father, as I contemplate Your majesty and Your power, my soul cries out:
“How great Thou art.”
It can do nothing else, for contemplation of You inevitably leads to adoration of You. Amen.”

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